Werewolf Mafia


or sometimes called


is a strategical, role-playing thought game. Werewolf’s popularity stems in part from the fact that you do not need anything to play it besides people. Because of this, the game is typically played at parties, although it is becoming more and more popular online in places like facebook, myspace, and even dailybooth.

What you need: People!  A group of people (and knowledge of the rules) is the only thing that is required. Minimum number of players is 7.  More can play easily.

Player’s Roles: You’ll need to either assign or have people select their roles.  Werewolf requires the following assignments:

  • Narrator (sometimes referred to as the Moderator or Sheriff) – One Player needed.
  • Seer – One Player needed.
  • Werewolf – Two werewolves needed.
  • Villagers – All other players.

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